New job for Spring?

Searching for a new job is an exciting time. Looking for your next opportunity and a chance to climb the next rung on the career ladder. As you embark on your job search this are a few things you should know…

Job search takes time- It is a common misconception that when you decide you want a new job you’ll be at your new desk within 2 months! However, the reality is that job 

searching takes time. Writing CV’s, Cover Letters, networking, writing applications, interviews, second interviews, final interviews- it is a time consuming job getting a job! When you start the process be realistic with how much time you can dedicate per week to your job search.  Keep in mind that you will need to get time off for any interviews, think ahead with how you are going to approach getting this time off with your manager. Also, check your contract and be aware of your notice period.

Social Media is essential- LinkedIn is increasingly becoming the first point of contact for employers and recruiters. Make sure your LinkedIn is up to date and your key skills are clear. Be aware that a future employer very likely will have a look at tour Facebook account and other social media. Make sure your social media accounts show nothing that could hinder your chances of getting a job. That status on a Sunday night about dreading work with a hangover will never win you any favours!

Be honest with yourself- Think carefully about why you’re leaving your current job. Make sure it’s not a case of the ‘grass being greener’. The chances are if you’re reading this it’s been in your head a while so at the very least being honest with yourself and writing down the reasons for leaving will have it clear in your mind when you’re asked in an interview that very question! Having a list of your reasons for leaving will also help make sure that the role you’re applying for is a better fit. If you hated feeling lost in a big team look for a smaller company that you can show off your skills!

Your CV- The average time spent reading a CV is 30 seconds! Your CV needs to stand out, be clear, concise and in the opening summary convince the HR manager that you meet the criteria and merit an interview! The first three lines in your CV will ultimately decide whether or not the recruiter will read on. Make them count!