Key things to tell your recruitment consultant.

Using a recruitment consultant is a great way to help your job search. For us to do the best we can for you there is a few things you should tell us!

• The main reason you want to leave your current job. Whatever it is we would rather you be honest with us so that we can help you get the right fit in a new role. We need to gain a complete understanding of you and see how you will potentially fit with the companies we are recruiting for. So if there is something in particular you want in a new role, perhaps an area you enjoyed working in, a project in which you were successful or a key technology which interests you please be sure to make us aware.

• Notice period- This can vary greatly depending on the company you are currently working for and the period you have been with them- it can be anything from 1 week to 3 months. We need to know what you need to commit to as for a small number of companies this could be a deal breaker!

• Salary expectation- Again, we want you to be honest about what your current salary is and what your expectations are. Beyond this we want to know what other things are important to you, for example fuel allowance, company car, flexible working hours. If you are the best candidate for the role an employer will want to offer you as attractive a package as possible so it is best to be honest from an early stage.

• Location – How far are you willing / able to commute for the right job? Also are you willing to travel within a new role ? With many corporate companies today regular- semi-regular travel is expected, if you can’t commit to this its best to highlight this at the outset.