Made Redundant? It isn’t the end of the World.

The ‘R’ bomb has just been dropped. It’s official you have been made redundant. Whether you were expecting it or not when it’s made official it can still come as a shock. Fear, panic, hurt, confusion are just a few of the emotions likely to be going through your head right now!

All you can think of are the bills to pay and the uncertainty of the future. All of these emotions are 100% normal, however, when you take a deep breath and take a step back you will see being made redundant isn’t the end of the world!

So how do you deal with the ‘R’ bomb?!

Firstly, make sure you have all the information from your current employer. Find out the date your contract will end. How much redundancy pay you’re entitled to and if your current employer is going to offer any outplacement support with getting a new job.

Secondly, evaluate what you want out of your next job! This is the best possible time to decide what you want to do with your career. The decision might not have been yours but now it is time to take control. Have you been putting off climbing the career ladder and applying for a senior management position? Maybe you have been pigeon holed into one career when your hobby is your passion! Whatever it is now is the time to decide what you want!

Next, get all the help you can. Perhaps your employer is offering outplacement support. If so take it! Remember there are professionals that specialise in helping people that are in your very position every single day! Ask your employers for references – in this situation employers are often trying to mitigate the effect of making people redundant so more than likely will give you a good reference!

Next it’s time to start applying for other jobs. Keep yourself busy with finding your ideal job. Talk to recruitment consultants, go to networking events, speak to companies directly, and follow companies you like on social media. Apply for jobs that previously you might have been too scared to apply for- what is the worst that can happen?! Leave yourself open to the right opportunity. Remember the things you loved and hated about your previous job. Maybe you loved the job but disliked the company- in that case it is important to do research on any future company work culture. 

Finally, whoohoo you have interviews lined up! The crucial thing here is being prepared. As long as you have not lied on your CV you have nothing to worry about. The company want to see the real you to assess whether you are a good fit for their team. Go prepared to talk about the redundancy. Be open and honest, as hard as it is do not be negative about your previous company! Talk about the things you learnt in your time there and what you can transfer to their company.

One last piece of advice- there are thousands of people made redundant every day. It might seem like it now- but it’s not the end of the world! 

Good luck for the next chapter in your caree