Body Language- The dos and don’ts for interviews!

Body Language- The dos and don’ts for interviews!

In interviews we are often so worried about saying the right thing that we forget about what our body language says. It’s critical that you come across well but what does this mean?

Your Fired!

So you’ve been fired- life is looking uncertain and you have no idea how you’re going to get another job. We are here to tell you it is not the end of the world. There is life after being fired!

CV Checklist

The average time spent reading a CV by a recruiter/ HR Manager is just 30 seconds! It is vitally important that you make yours stand out and show the recruiter you both meet the criteria and would be a good fit for the company to secure an interview.

Been made redundant? It isn't the end of the world!

The ‘R’ bomb has just been dropped. It’s official you have been made redundant. Whether you were expecting it or not when it’s made official it can still come as a shock. Fear, panic, hurt, confusion are just a few of the emotions likely to be going through your head right now!

New Job for Spring?

Searching for a new job is an exciting time. Looking for your next opportunity and a chance to climb the next rung on the career ladder. As you embark on your job search this are a few things you should know...